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Tanga Bottom

A tanga bottom bikini is a cute alternative to skimpier swimsuits like thongs without sacrificing any of the cheeky look so many women are after these days.  This style comes in a few different varieties, usually depending on the particular maker, but all with one thing in common.  These cute bottoms are all cut high on the backside which is perfect for showing off your sexy curves!

Tanga Bottom

Generally riding higher on the waistline, a tanga provide full coverage in the front joining wider sides that wrap around to the backside.  The back is full across the top portion but stops about a third of the way down leaving the cheeks exposed.  These cheeky alternatives are perfect for those who want a little more to their bikini bottom without sacrificing style or messing with your hard earned tan!  Your cheeks will stay the same warm shade as the rest of you with this semi-revealing bikini bottom.

A tanga bottom bikini is still small enough to be able to carry wild patterned fabric or other detailing to set your swimsuit apart.  When looking for a new tanga bikini, don’t be afraid to step out from your usual style and try something different.  If you are normally a reserved person, a bright, fun pattern will throw some fun in the mix!  If you usually go for those wild styles, try bringing it down a notch with a bright and solid fabric which will help you streamline your look and keep the attention where it needs to be – on you!

These versatile swimsuits are perfect for just about any activity.  If you’re headed to the beach hoping to play in the sand, this is the perfect style.  It provides enough coverage for you to move around comfortably, and it can be matched with any style bikini top to suit your chosen activity for the day.